Giving importance to social networks

11/12/2011 18:49

Talking to customers connected to the worldwide network of information and communication, the Internet, we realize that the Corporate Education can not and should not diminish the importance of social networks on their corporate image and marketing.

Born timidly testing the features like audio and video and snapshots through the texts called CHAT, synchronous communication between two or more people connected at any given time.

Then came the fashion photos, films, texts, blogs, audio and video files with testimonials and filigree of our day to day, web-posted, published in a magical vehicle, instantaneous, free, and be able to transform any human a celebrity in the blink of an eye.

The organizations were slow to realize that social networks today are the large pool of customers eager to consume products, services and information, especially information. Yes, because more than a virtual space for meetings and partings, is a world of rapid descent from companies that put their products and services in the communication network.

Today, some organizations have institutional stamp on their websites links to the main social networks, which need not mention names, we are all accustomed to seeing.

But bring a relatively delicate issue and committed to modernity and the avant-garde: the use of education resources to prepare the main staffs. Are no longer sufficient ODL systems, M-Learning via mobile devices, cellular telephony features such as a flood of company information at all times, we must concern ourselves now with the information circulating on the net about the company.

Some companies are worried about what they are saying about them, employees are putting 24 hours "glued" in social networks to gather information they are talking about, how they feel with the company's products and how is the service to customers.

Networks while producing thousands of information per day, is also a wealth of information that can be read by all who access blogs, virtual texts, consumers and competition in general.

Large organizations like IBM, Microsoft, Google, spend hours on end searching for information on the net about what people are saying and commenting on their products. This is the new corporate education and businessmen waiting for their big men in the decision to use a new culture in the company - the cybernetic eye that sees and observes.

When companies connected to the network and proved to the world, they never imagined it would be the target of observation, criticism, and especially of opinion. And this opinion is to give organizations a "feedback" of what to do further to improve its products and services, its image and marketing strategy and particularly its corporate marketing.

A classic example of the speed with which information flows in social networks is the release of IPAD in Brazil. A national uproar, thousands of customers hungry for new technology, there was not even hit stores, and had already had requests in the order of one million copies in its first week.

But its release was circulated on the Internet for several months before.

The organizations that care. If your company does not place within social networks, news may be behind, forgotten by the consumer and, above all, doomed to oblivion. Social networks today have fundamental importance in the daily collection of information professionals working in your company, about the products you intend to launch next year, and the satisfaction of their services.

OPEN THE EYE! BETWEEN THE SOCIAL NETWORKS! The Corporate Education is out there! But be smart! Social networks will also join your company!

What do you think? You use virtual communities in their business?