Paradigm shift - KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT - CLOUD Groupware

09/12/2011 10:04

It's amazing the overwhelming force with which old paradigms persist in settling the face of new technologies in the knowledge era, since some emerging concepts flooded our writings such as articles, studies, dissertations and theses. Among the concepts is one that revolutionized the way to establish the parameters of where, why, and to store that information - CLOUD COMPUTING. And many questions arise. Who are the information? How to think safety aspects of the data? Access? If a world where everyone is concerned about the mass use of our address as a way of advertising and marketing of products and services, such as ensuring that public servants are free, honest, upright. It's a risk. The way - own servers, internal structure, expertise location technology and cloud computing.

But there is a consensus about the concept not so much privacy and adopt this methodology still needs to be revised. The truth is that the concept is still clouds our reason, it also awakens a thought that is revolutionary, and why not say innovative.

In the discourse of knowledge management the question is well defined among most theorists and educators to define their systemic use as a by-product organized, sorted and directed to certain ends.

Organizations are rapidly expanding and changing gradually the concepts and behavior of their groupware. In the era of knowledge can no longer be illustrating how we are being exploited in organizations. Do not call me an official, for God's sake! Employee time is a thing of the industrial era boxes that needed to be within the organizational chart. Or employees, in order that this word has lost much strength with the introduction of Internet services and collaborative networking. Today we are groupware, group of people interested in learning the business as it grows and grows and is strengthened by our participation and exchange.

Within this perspective that we are CLOUD Groupware, and that we can relate in all directions in the organization, and we can make our contributions in all directions, then we can say with some certainty that we should avoid but at least contextualize the ancient words and concepts age of industrialization.

Knowledge in organizations do not have more employees, departments, chiefs then, no way. We have no specific function or directed. Do not tighten screws or stamping products, nor leave our brains at home. We are part of a whole and the whole is within us, because we can not lose sight of the systemic view. Interact in groups, attacked the problem in chunks as hyenas, coyotes. We have individual and collective goals. We thought in network connections, interrelations, looming as we advance in knowledge of the organization and of the organized business (suppliers and customers).

Rather than make strategic use of information and interact in different nodes of the network organization, we are committed to not lose sight of the whole, all, the general and principal.

Other paradigm shifts are already under pressure of this new era of knowledge: control. In managing the enabling context one has to reconsider the cumbersome activity to check and replace. In the era of knowledge we do not control, but more space observation of organizational operational levels. It is not simply find convenient synonym for the era of knowledge, but subdelegate a new cloud (CLOUD) to the duties and responsibilities in the operational vision for the proposed activities.

See how the concept can significantly alter the context of the duties of each member of groupware in organizations. We are all operating units, even if we consider the tactical level, the organization's strategic, but with the difference that when we connect to each other, we become like the transformers of the American action movie 2007, based on the cartoon series of the same name. Directed by Michael Bay We are a cloud unison with several ears, eyes, and minds, which, together, leverage analysis, opinions, observations and spread throughout the cultural fabric of the organization.

The metaphor of the conceptual umbrella of KM can also be seen as acting CLOUD Groupware regarding the actions that make up the approaches and management tools: innovation management, communities of practice, strategic information management, organizational learning, management of intellectual capital, intelligence competitive, management skills and IT tools.

Strategic use of information (SENSE-MAKING - Knowledge Creation - DECISION MAKING)

Regarding the strategic use of information and consider the goal of long-term course and sense-making, strategic thinking about the mission, vision, values ​​and organizational culture now make more sense to engage the meanings of these concepts in the concept of CLOUD Groupware. Regarding the creation of knowledge through organizational learning cloud CLOUD Groupware can play key grip in the formation of new groups to join the team of the company and strengthen the concepts through the cloud.

With regard to decision making, the CLOUD Groupware has its direct participation when participants discuss, question and determine the best alternative is chosen and that a persecuted by all. The decision however rational it may seem always have everyone's input and everyone will be co-responsible for the new settings that are established in the cloud.

Enabling context in which the culture is that each individual brings to the cloud is also felt the presence of strong CLOUD Groupware and spirit of the strategic dimension of their work.

All aspects are observed by everyone. All learn and teach what they know, share experiences, the value we maintain is the main driver of intangible assets: human capital, information systems, relationships, organizational culture and others.

If individuals have personalities and cultural group has, then the view of knowledge is perceived by different personalities and cultures that float in the relations.

Regarding management approaches and tools used in the organization have a participation CLOUD Groupware for each.

In innovation management - helps the cloud systemic process of seeking new opportunities, overcoming technical barriers through technological solutions, and enables management that favors dialogue for better methodologies and forms of organization adopted to ensure the ability to innovate of organizations.

COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE - cloud informal groups are established naturally in the organizational structure. But with the views of this informality CLOUD Groupware dissipates and matures in official spaces of participation trailing culture and knowledge in the memory banks of cloud. Sharing information is mainly to discuss the important topics of organization and find answers for all to realize their existence. The cloud officially supports and encourages giving them resources, for adhesions to form and consolidate.

Strategic Information Management - The cloud allows constructs elaborate descriptions of how we can achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. Assess individual and group values, guiding the best strategic position of each of the organization, reviewing how each groupware can give their best, creating natural sustain competitive advantage.

Organizational Learning - The cloud enables healthy living groups of informal and formal organization, and can at times unite the two groups to exchange experiences and analysis. Learning runs throughout the fabric spreading organizational concepts, views, opinions, diagnoses, and especially the organization's culture.

INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT - The cloud has the main task to bring different skills and individual creative work these assets at their best. The appearance of the development of individual skills is grounded through the formal exchange of culture: seminars, lectures, workshops, discussions on the issues of capital and borderline intellectual formation. In the aspect of structural capital, the cloud may make sense when working the internal and external social networks, we create relational development of formal and informal and maturation of the internal culture of the organization. And the relational capital, the cloud is intertwined with another cloud to extra-organizational issues forming a direct relationship with the culture of other organizations from the same or with suppliers and customers.

INTELLIGENCE - this topic cloud has its more important role because they allow the contact of groupware elements outside the organization making processes of involvement and dynamic growth, allowing rapid adaptation to changing paradigms, technologies, management, sustainability . Competitive advantages can only be obtained if we consider the relationship between time delay and originality in the resolutions. The cloud moves quickly inside and outside the organization, leading and seeking information, disseminate intelligence, improving decision-making.

MANAGEMENT SKILLS - In this section the existence of the cloud in organizations because it can accelerate the speed needs to map very quickly, bringing intelligence necessary for the organization, powers, creators, innovators, new visions and new cultures to promote new rounds of acculturation and development of new managements.

IT MANAGEMENT - CLOUD Groupware In the space allotted to assignments of technology needs becomes very transparent in order that the culture of modern technology and equipment, information systems, and storage technologies and information processing supports significantly to constitute the very existence of the cloud, for the simple fact of their existence is not material, do not take up space, room, or in the organizational chart boxes. This allows a mobility management that can reach the speed of light depending on how the cloud processes your thoughts, ramblings, meetings, decisions and storage of this memory - brainstorm.

The philosophy and use of informal groups called CLOUD Groupware can respond more quickly to important issues of the organization than the ways of the natural chain of command. And this may be the great advantage that organizations seek today. However it is important that this culture is nurtured in a formal, academic, through teaching and strategic point so that your application does not fall into a simple use of internal social networks in the service of "recreational" and not "classroom organization".

Good business knowledge in the clouds!